RESULTS - Stableford Competition at Vintage on Saturday 27 April 2024

RESULTS - Stableford Competition at Vintage on Saturday 27 April 2024

Congratulations to Noi Waratworayon who took 1st place, on countback, at Vintage Golf Club yesterday. Noi shot 37 stableford points (gross 76) in very hot and frequently very breezy conditions.

Overall winner Noi Waratworayon (L) receives his trophy and prizes from committww member, Craig Leamy (R)

Noi also won 2 technical awards to complete a great day for him (although of course he only received one prize in accordance with longstanding Londoner traditions). The flight winners were Manu Nair (35 points), David Burton (37 points) and Julien Raybaud-Gines (36 points) in A, B and C flights respectively.

Congratulations to all and well done on braving the extreme heat - especially Julien and Barbara Frank who stayed trued to their principles and walked the whole course (in >37 degree temperatures). You can see all the winners and technical prizes winners below:

We had a first in this installment of the 2024 Team Competition. There was a tie for 1st place! Amazing - Dragons and Stingers therefore took first and a half as I'm calling it and shared the 17 points on offer for 1st and 2nd (8.5 points each). It shows the value of every point for your team! 3rd place were the courageous 4 Aces (3 of them) and Fireballs were in last for once despite Noi's efforts. 2024 Team Competition page here.

Dragons and Stingers members insisted on a joint photo. Some even looked in the right direction.

This year's MatchPlay competition has commenced with 3 games taking place yesterday. Check out the MatchPlay page to see results and progress.

Our next event is the one I've been looking forward to the most. It's our ex-Captain's Day at Lam Lukka CD on Saturday 11 May. Over 40 current and ex-players are getting together where we can share memories and pay tribute to those whose hard work and experiences has shaped and made our society what it is today. We have up to 56 slots available so it is not too late to sign up. We will have a competition running for those who qualify and wish to be in a comp whilst it will be social golf for everyone else with a choice of tee boxes to play from as befits abilities and age. We will mix up the groups irrespective of comp or non-comp as the primary reason to play is to have current and past members meet and play together.

We also have a match versus the British Club on Saturday 18 May at Floraville. Format is Pairs Better Ball Matchplay and we need 20 players (10 pairs). Some spaces remain but be quick to guarantee a slot in the team. First come, first served as always although you need to have an up to date handicap.

Sign up on True Handicap as usual.

Cheers and hope to see you soon,