Annual MatchPlay Competition 2024 - Results Tracker

Annual MatchPlay Competition 2024 - Results Tracker

The annual MatchPlay competition is back. Victor Phan is the current champion. It is a knock-out format; matches to be played at regular Londoner events and the round deadline dates will be as below:

Round 1 by end June
Round 2 by end August
Semi-finals by end October
Final by 10 December

Round 1

  1. Pepo Khanla won vs Rob Taylor (6&5 at Vintage)
  2. David Burton won vs Craig Leamy (4&2 at Vintage)
  3. Phil Mulligan won vs Barbara Frank (7&6 at Vintage)
  4. Andrew Guilfoyle won vs Steven Brader (1 Up at Lam Luk Ka)
  5. Ami Guilfoyle vs Mike Muehleck
  6. Richard White won vs Tad Han (2&1 at Lam Luk Ka)
  7. Stefan Kuhn vs Mark Foxwell
  8. Geoff Wright (bye)

Round 2

9. Pepo Khanla vs David Burton
10. Phil Mulligan vs Andrew Guilfoyle
11. Winner Match #5 vs Richard White
12. Winner Match #7 vs Geoff Wright



Additional information about the MatchPlay competition is on the website here and as an event on True Handicap.