RESULTS - Stableford at Muang Kaew on 13 May 2023

RESULTS - Stableford at Muang Kaew on 13 May 2023

Here are the results from the weekend's competition at Muang Kaew. Some fabulous scores and some not-so-fabulous scores mean a flat bell curve distribution of scores (if you are into that kind of stuff). If you are, go and plot the scores elsewhere. If you are more interested in who won the prizes, read on..

It was Mike Muehleck who surpassed the field with his best ever score on Saturday an 87 gross which resulted in a Stableford score of 49 (and a 2 point ESR to go with a reduction in handicap based on a reduced average of his last 20 scores). He finished an incredible 10 points clear of the really good scores of Mark Foxwell (39 points from his 3rd best score ever), Terry Davies (38 points) and Barry Allison (39 points too). Congratulations to all.

Here are all the prizes winners:

In the Team 2023 competition, the Dragons got back on track after a chastening in the MatchPlay Rivalry weekend last time out. Fireballs appear back their early season good form as do unfortunately the 4 Aces (not such good form). Stingers are showing a worrying downward trend (for them, not for anyone else).

The next competition is the Stableford event at Vintage on Saturday 27 May. Sign up on True Handicap as usual.