RESULTS - Ex-Captains' Day at Lam Lukka CD on Saturday 11 May 2024

RESULTS - Ex-Captains' Day at Lam Lukka CD on Saturday 11 May 2024

What a great day at Lam Luk Ka! Friends old and new gathered to talk, laugh, reminisce and even to play golf. It was a magical day bringing together a full range of Londoner members past and present.

The prizes for the day were presented by each of the ex-captain present - Barry Scaife, John Griffiths, Martyn Smith, Paul Wyatt, Ray Bloom and myself, Phil. We also heard from David Williamson and Steve Booth. Each one of them told stories or shared what the Londoners meant to them and some key messages of fun, friendship, selflessness and change came through loud and clear. It really was affirming what the society means to each and what each means to the society. Martyn led a tribute to absent and passed friends too.

Some old traditions were revived specially for the day. Barry presented some wooden spoons for hapless acts, fair and unfair - Steve Booth had even brought an original spoon! Speaking of originals, Lek and David Williamson brought a picture frame from the 2004 Club Championships which was great to see and the pics in the frame showed that our society's ability to compose a photo has got no better or worse through the years. The prize for the long putt on hole 9 was a bottle of Jamesons whiskey which winner, Kaya, was pleasingly shocked that he had to somehow distribute for immediate drinking to the audience but he managed to share it around well.

Who won the golf? Victor Phan was the, er, winner of the overall comp ( I wanted to write 'victor'). Congratulations! Flights A, B and C were won by Mark Adderley, Ami Guilfoyle and Nick Aylieff respectively. Well done to each. The full list is below:

Here are some pics from the day:

Victor Phan (R) was the overall winner. Here he is receiving a different prize from ex-captain Ray Bloom (L)
Des Kimmet, Donal Dixon, Martyn Smith, Frank Berry and Phil Mulligan wait to start
A lot of Londoner experience in this pic!
Frank Berry (L) received his wooden spoon from ex-captain, Barry Scaife (R)
Phil Mulligan (L) and Scott Rowley (R) wait patiently for something
John Griffiths (L) presents Ray Bloom (R) with his long putt prize
Steven Brader shows off Lek and David Williamson's 2004 Club Champs picture frame featuring Scott Rowley (L) and ex-captain Brett Turner (R)
ex Captain Martyn Smith shows off the chipping technique that won a thousand tourneys
Martyn Smith quells a disturbance in the back row with just one stare.
ex-Captain Paul Wyatt revealed some embarrassing times as Captain
Current Captain Phil Mulligan (L) and vice Captain, John Siena (R) started the presentations

That's all for now. Other than sharing the link to Mai Pattanee's reel on FaceBook to show her lived experience of the day. It was great seeing everyone together.