Annual MatchPlay Competition 2023 - Results Tracker

Annual MatchPlay Competition 2023 - Results Tracker

Registration for our 2023 MatchPlay annual competition is now complete. Please read on for more details.

The annual MatchPlay competition is back. Mike Muehleck is the current champion and registration is open now on True Handicap. It is a knock-out format; matches to be played at regular Londoner events and the round deadline dates will be as below:

  Round 1 by end June
  Round 2 by end August
  Semi-finals by end October
  Final by 10 December

Round 1

  1. Manu Nair won vs Phil Mulligan (2&1 at Wangnoi)
  2. Richard White vs Robert Taylor
  3. Bye - Steven Brader
  4. Simon Clegg vs Victor Phan
  5. Rick Apichairuk won vs Andrew Guilfoyle (4&3 at Vintage)
  6. Mike Muehleck won vs David Morton (2&1 at Vintage)
  7. Pepo Khanla vs Ami Guilfoyle
  8. Tony Jeffreys won vs Stefan Kuhn (4&3 at Vintage)

Round 2

9. Manu Nair vs Winner Match #2
10. Steven Brader vs Winner Match #4
11. Rick Apichairuk vs Mike Muehleck
12. Winner Match #7 vs Tony Jeffreys

Additional information about the MatchPlay competition is on the website here and as an event on True Handicap.