Local Rules

LOCAL RULES (Updated February 2022)

  • Order of Precedence of rules (Highest to Lowest)
  1. R&A Rules of Golf
  2. Londoner Golf Club Local Rules
  3. Course Local Rules
  • Bangpakong Riverside Hole #3 - Advertising hoarding protecting drinks hut. Free relief allowed.
  • Free relief is available for dangerous situations due to an animal hazard
  • No penalties will be applied due to caddies marking balls on the green without consent
  • Relief on opposite side of red penalty area: When a player's ball is in or last crossed the edge of a red penalty area the player may also drop the ball on the opposite side of the penalty area in addition to the normal options
  • Vintage Hole #2 - The penalty is a Red Penalty Area even though it is marked as Yellow.
  • Vintage Hole #13 - The drop zone on Hole 13 is available for use. It can be used if your ball ends up in the vegetation between the tee box and the red penalty area.